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Milford Animal Hospital was established in 1986 by R. A. Dubensky, DVM Cornell ’83, who has practiced in the area since graduation. Initially large animal oriented, the practice has adapted to a changing environment and become primarily a companion animal practice. Located on a hill ¾ mile from the center of town, the hospital is set amidst a forest of towering oak and maple trees. We intentionally chose this site as it provides the ideal ambience for our staff, clients, and patients. Location is important for more than the most visible reasons.

We see a full spectrum of medical and surgical cases. We continuously try to improve our skills and upgrade our equipment. We attend conferences, discuss cases, and bring in consultants. Ultimately, the success of a practice is determined by the quality of the staff. Presently, we have one doctor and six assistants. Each assistant is highly competent, able to multi-task, and work independently. We believe the best way to get something done is to ask a busy person to do it.

Jan is the conscience of the hospital. She makes our practice and our community a better place. She is our behavioral consultant and technical genius. In her spare time, Jan is a licensed full-time raptor rehabilitator. She loves horseback riding, helping others, and spending time with her family and friends.

Jim found us after previously working in two large veterinary practices. We call him "Gentle Jim", soft - spoken, calm and respectful. His tranquil nature allows him to win the trust of even the most apprehensive animals. He has two grown children and a lovely wife. He spends his free time taking his dogs for walks in the woods, riding his motorcycle, and listening to the "oldies".

Karen joined us after working 15 years for a veterinary practice in New Jersey.  Her vast experience and abilities, along with her good sense of humor, fit in nicely. Karen and her family are happy living in Milford.

Sharon took a break from working in animal hospitals to raise her two daughters. She was anxious to return and spend more time with animals. We are fortunate to have her as part of the team. She lives in Milford with her husband and children.

Sue is our administrator. She has a strong work ethic and is well-organized. Her sweet personality combined with her enthusiasm and competence creates an enjoyable environment for everyone at the Milford Animal Hospital.

Working with these ladies and gentleman is one very fortunate veterinarian, RA Dubensky. A recovered workaholic, Rich still loves practicing but has found time to smell the roses. A frustrated farmer, he has raised a variety of animals including chickens, turkeys, pigs, geese, beef cattle, calves, horses, kittens, and puppies. He has finally settled on his niche -- honey bees. When not spending time with the animals, he follows his wife and children around, fishes, jogs, reads, and contemplates on just how lucky a veterinarian he is.

Jim Running Blood Tests
Jan Fitting a Gentle Leader
Karen Drawing Blood
Susan Multitasking
Dr. Dubensky in Surgery Sharon at Microscope Dog's Eye View-exam room Cat's Eye View-exam room

Milford Animal Hospital
123 Chippy Cole Road
Milford, PA 18337
(570) 296-8448

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