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  • Clark the Rabbit and His Infected Face
    Rabbit has infected face secondary to blocked tear ducts. Clearing the tear. ducts as well as before and after photos. Read more
  • Winking
    Teddy said June, his six year old red Holstein was blind in one eye. An exam revealed partial facial nerve paralysis. Her horn grew abnormally and put pressure on the Read more
  • Hairless Cooper
    Cooper, a ten year old male Pomeranian was slowly losing his hair. Frank said he looked mangy.  Cooper had significant hair loss involving his sides, neck, and rear end. Testing Read more
  • Merry Christmas to One and All
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at the Milford Animal Hosptial Read more
  • Reindeer Ralph
    Reindeer has difficulty seeing and is treated for antler overgrowth Read more
  • New Life
    A dog having difficult labor Read more
  • Rabies!?
    A mastiff mix with with symptoms prompting concern for rabies. Read more
  • Pokeberry (Inkberry)
    Pokeberry is a common perennial weed in our area. People often confuse it with Elderberry. Ingestion of the berries causes sever gastroenteritis. Animals are poisoned when ingesting the plant. In Read more
  • Brothers
    Clinic kitten reunited with his brother during routine visit Read more
  • Igelkot
    Hedgehog with a lacerated tongue Read more
  • Hairless And A Fat Lip
    Hairless rat terrier treated for wounds from a dog fight Read more
  • New Life
    Robert called. Breeze, a seven year old gypsy vanner mare, was bred 35 days ago. He wanted her checked for pregnancy. The exam involves performing a “rectal” and palpating the Read more
  • Sunflowers for Sale
    Dr. Dubensky in the Milford Animal Hospital sunflower field at Santos farm. Flowers are available for $1 donation at the Milford Animal Hospital or GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center, 570-409-1140. Read more
  • All Buttoned Up
    Robin Hood came home with his tongue sticking out, jaw hanging, and blood from his nose. He had a fractured and dislocated mandible (lower jaw bone).  We reduced the dislocation Read more
  • Uncle Fester
    Sami said Uncle Fester, her four year old male neutered Sphynx, was bleeding from his back feet. The Sphynx originated as a mutation and is considered the “least handsome” of Read more
  • Lena Clair Bear
    On July 4, Mike called early AM. He found a bleeding black lab puppy along the side of the road that he delivered to the animal hospital. The puppy turned Read more