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  • Hairless And A Fat Lip
    Hairless rat terrier treated for wounds from a dog fight Read more
  • New Life
    Robert called. Breeze, a seven year old gypsy vanner mare, was bred 35 days ago. He wanted her checked for pregnancy. The exam involves performing a “rectal” and palpating the Read more
  • Sunflowers for Sale
    Dr. Dubensky in the Milford Animal Hospital sunflower field at Santos farm. Flowers are available for $1 donation at the Milford Animal Hospital or GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center, 570-409-1140. Read more
  • All Buttoned Up
    Robin Hood came home with his tongue sticking out, jaw hanging, and blood from his nose. He had a fractured and dislocated mandible (lower jaw bone).  We reduced the dislocation Read more
  • Uncle Fester
    Sami said Uncle Fester, her four year old male neutered Sphynx, was bleeding from his back feet. The Sphynx originated as a mutation and is considered the “least handsome” of Read more
  • Lena Clair Bear
    On July 4, Mike called early AM. He found a bleeding black lab puppy along the side of the road that he delivered to the animal hospital. The puppy turned Read more
  • Chicktoria's Secret
    Stoy of a chicken needing a "bra" to help move food from its crop on though its digestive tract. Read more
  • No Handicap!
    Story of golden retreiver having leg amputated. Read more
  • Humans Being
    Beekeeping in Milford, PA Read more
  • Dragon Lady?
    Phone call mistaking a komodo (dragon) with a komondor (dog) Read more
  • Stewart the Rat Was Found in a Snow Storm
    A white rat is found comatose in the snow during a storm Read more
  • Darth and the Dart
    The story of Darth, the cat, who ate a nerf dart cap. Read more
  • #1 Cat Owner of the Year (Decade?)
    There was a blizzard when the call came in. Eric wanted us to examine Crystal the cat because she was ill. We suggested waiting until the storm passed but he Read more
  • Detection
    Service Dog doing detection work Read more
  • Service - Dixie, a chihuahua serving a cancer patient
    Service Dog Dixie, a chihuahua helping a cancer patient Read more
    Story of Hypoglycemia in a Hunting Dog Read more