Martha and horse, Diggy

Cow nuzzling a todler's hand

Two Golden Retriever Pups with their owners

Our prices for medication are lower than on-line pharmacies and retail outlets. This insures that our clients can provide the necessary treatments for their animals. We continuously offer discounts and rebates.


¤ Sentinel Spectrum - monthly pill that prevents all worms including heartworm and flea growth inhibitor for less than $9 per month.
¤ Bravecto - 3 month flea and tick pill. Buy 2 and get $15 back, buy 4 and get $35 back.
¤ Generic Frontline - monthly topical prevents fleas and ticks, buy 3 doses, get 1 free
¤ Multiple Animal Discount
¤ Senior Citizen Discount
¤ Low cost Spay/Neuter

Cat and his owner sticking their tongues out

Couple with their bulldog

Owner with his dog on the bench outside

Woman with her cat face to face