We see a full spectrum of medical and surgical cases. We continuously try to improve our skills and upgrade our equipment. We attend conferences, discuss cases, and bring in consultants. Ultimately, the success of a practice is determined by the quality of the staff.

Veterinary Assistants

Jan doing behavior consultJan and immature bald eagleJan and her horse play horse ball


Jan is the conscience of the hospital. She makes our practice and our community a better place. She is our behavioral consultant and technical genius. In her spare time, Jan is a licensed full-time raptor rehabilitator. She loves horseback riding, helping others, and spending time with her family and friends.

Karen drawing blood

Karen with her cat

Karen with puppy


Karen has 25 years experience working in veterinary hospitals. Her knowledge, skill, and delightful personality make her an integral part of our practice. She enjoys living in Milford with her family.

Christine running bloodwork on the in-house analyzer

Christine and her hen Cara

Christine hugging a dog


Christine loves animals. She brings her positive attitude to all creatures, great and small with four and two legs. She lives in Shohola on a homestead with her family and a multitude of feathered and furry friends.

Blacie at microscopeBlacie with her furbabies

Blacie and a munchkin




Blacie loves all of God’s creatures. After working as a care giver in the human field, she returned to her first passion when she joined the Milford Animal Hospital. She enjoys learning and assisting, helping all animals.

Administrative Assistant

Sue on phone while checking client out

Susan and her St. Bernard Bailey

Staff Picture 2013


Sue has a strong work ethic, is well organized and able to multitask. Her friendly personality insures an enjoyable experience for everyone who visits our hospital. Sue lives with her family in Dingmans Ferry.


The Doctor in surgery

The doctor with his bee hives

The doctor delivering a calf

RA Dubensky, DVM

Working with these ladies is one very fortunate veterinarian, RA Dubensky, DVM. A frustrated farmer, he has raised a variety of animals including puppies, kittens, dairy calves, beef cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and geese. He has finally settled on his niche -- honey bees. When not obsessing about providing quality care for his patients, he is manufacturing and marketing his Soné Natural Reverse Osmosis machine and the Honey Squeeze.